The Soap Market Exciting New Deals and FOOD for Thought!

We cant believe the Holiday season is RIGHT around the corner, and with the Holiday season comes the time for giving back! We feel so strongly about this that we couldn't even wait until next month to start our November IN STORE special! Every time you bring in two canned food items, unopened toiletries, or unopened disposable kitchenware you will receive 20% off your ENTIRE order! At the end of the month we will be donating everything we collected and taking it to the St. Francis Sienna House! No worries if you're not local! We will also have an ONLINE deal for November as well! No one will be left out! :)


We are also SUPER excited about our new website! In honor of it FINALLY being up and running we are offering the first TEN customers that place orders on a FREE FULL SIZE bar of soap!! We are also offering anyone who places six consecutive orders on our website within a six month period a FREE gift set of YOUR choice! EXCITING!!



With the holidays around the corner we get SUPER busy around here! We tend to gravitate towards quick easy meals that give us the most nutritional bang for our buck! One of our favorite "go to" meals are smoothies! They are so versatile that its impossible to ever get bored! Plus they are a super easy way to sneak in your greens ;) We also like to enhance them with super foods such as Maca powder, frozen acai packets, flax, and we personally are fans of the Amazing Grass super food blends as well!

Here's one of our favorite smoothie recipes:

Gettin' Figgy with It Smoothie

Serves 2

2 whole frozen green figs

2 bananas

1 cup blueberries (fresh or frozen)

6 strawberries (fresh or frozen)

2 tbs Maca powder

2 tbs ground flax seed

2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Blend all ingredients together in a high speed blender and ENJOY!

*please note if not using frozen fruit you might want to add a few ice cubes!




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