The benefits of lavender essential oil..

Lavender, lavender, lavender.. not only does It smell so good, but have you ever realized how many benefits it has? There are soo many!! Lavender essential oil is an all natural oil extracted from the flowers of the beautiful plant. Here at The Soap Market, we use it in our skincare so that you can get the benefits from the oil while also pampering yourself a little. The scent smells great on its own, and also blends well with many other essential oils (try our Lavender Patchouli). Let us tell you some more fun facts about this magical, must have oil and how we can help you start benefiting from it!

RELAXATION- Who doesn't want to be relaxed? This oil is great for calming nerves, easing stress, and also helps with insomnia. Rub a little drop of our Lavender Body Oil on your temples right before bed, or soak in the bath tub with our Lavender Bath Soak to relax your mind and body. If your having a rough day at work, use some of our Lavender Body Lotion to stay calm while increasing your mental activity.

ACNE- Lavender essential oil is also an anti-fungal. Our Lavender Coconut Milk Soap is gentle enough to use on the face. By cleansing the face with this you will also be disinfecting and then after, use a drop of our Lavender Body Oil which will help regulate sebum and helps reduce scarring.

HAIR LOSS- Lavender is also great for hair growth. Use a little bit of the Lavender Body Oil directly on the scalp for a stimulating effect. Doing this regularly will help with hair growth and also help prevent hair loss. If you would like more of a treatment, use the oil all over the hair for extra shine and moisture. Either way you use it, we would recommend putting it on before bed and shampooing in the morning.

PAIN RELIEF- Relax in the tub with the soothing Lavender Bath Soak. The miracle essential oil helps reduce pain. It will help with sore, tense muscles, achy joints, back pain, and sprains. The combination of salts in our bath soak also help aid in pain relief.

These are just a few of the many, many benefits of lavender essential oil. The list could go on and on. If you would like to try some of these things and aren't sure which product to get, grab one of our gift sets(there is nothing wrong with buying yourself a gift). The gift sets have a few different products in them so you can decide which is best for you!


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