Why Our Lavender Bar Soap Is Perfect For Acne

So, I have the hardest time finding a face cleanser that I actually enjoy. It doesn't help that I am a bit of a product snob and very particular about what I put on my face (always looking for the next best thing). I blame this on working in the beauty industry for the past 10 years. Despite how picky I am, I still have acne and my skin has always gave me a hard time. It seems to clear up and then right when I think I have figured it out, it breaks out again. Anyway, a couple months back I was talking to my mom and sister about how I was almost out of my face cleanser and I wasn't loving it. I didn't know what get next so of course I would get onto Sephora's website and go through all of the cleansers and get extremely overwhelmed. I mean this is obviously a really big decision. Just kidding, I am just being dramatic. Well, I went to work the next day and my mom asked if I had ever used our bar soap. I had never really used bar soap on my face and being that my skin is super sensitive I was a little skeptical. That night I used the Lavender Coconut Milk Bar. I love our bar soap but never had thought about using it on my face. Lets just say it has changed my face. When I say it has changed my face I mean I can use moisturizer at night, and in the morning. I also stopped taking my antibiotics that I was prescribed for my acne. For me this $6.95 bar of soap has realllly changed things.

Here is what is so great about this bar:

We use organic coconut milk in all of our soaps. The natural fatty acids in coconut milk help treat dry, irritated skin. It also helps soothe the skin and helps clear harmful bacteria from the skin. Coconut milk contains vitamin c and copper which helps improve skin elasticity and slows down the aging process in the skin. The lavender essential oil is going to soothe the skin while also fighting off bacteria and reducing inflammation. Using our Lavender Pink Himalayan Salt Bar once a week will help with extra exfoliation. This bar has white kaolin clay in it which purifies the skin without drying it out.

I have been using this bar of soap on my face morning and night and it has worked wonders. I still get a couple breakouts now and then but nothing like I used to. It's a miracle bar I tell ya. If you have sensitive skin you should definitely give it a try and let us know what you think when you do. We also have a lot of new products coming out this summer that we are super excited about and can't wait to share!

Happy Hump Day!!!


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  • Heather

    Do you use anything besides this like a toner or lotion? Or just the soap?

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