6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Lye Based Soap

6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Lye Based Soap
I know you are probably wondering what lye even is. Before any of this started I just thought soap was soap. Obviously some worked better than others but I never knew the reason why or the difference in all of these bars of soap I had used. I mean the ingredients were all different but I didn't really think about the fact that all of the soaps we use are made with different bases that completely transform a bar of soap into what it is and how it feels.
 There are so many different ways soap can be made. There is cold process soap, hot process soap, transparent soap, liquid soap, glycerin soap, melt and pour soap, and so on. What we use is a cold process, lye base soap. Cold process is soap that is made from scratch (with lye). Lye is also known as sodium hydroxide. Some people think that lye is "harsh" or "abrasive" to the skin. That is far from the truth. It is very dangerous before you start making the soap but when you mix the base (which is the lye) with an acid (this would be a fat or oil), it creates a soothing, wonderful bar of soap that is not harmful at all! I would get into the major details of this but I am sure no one wants a chemistry lesson right now. Unless you do, then of course we would be happy to explain : ) There are a lot of benefits to using a lye bases soap.
1.Cleanses and conditions the skin
2. Helps treat acne- unclogs pores and reduces inflammation
3. Balances the pH in the skin
4. Helps treat eczema, and psoriasis
5. Relieves itching and swelling from insect bites
6. Slows down the aging process- Using a lye based soap daily helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines
Once you use a lye based soap, you won't go back to any other soap. We use organic coconut milk and coconut oil in our soaps that leave the skin super moisturized and radiant not to mention the lather is amazing!!
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