Why Nourish

Why use Nourish?
We have been working on our skincare line for awhile now and are so excited to have finally come out with the masks! We are super excited because anyone can use these. There is a mask for every skincare need! Our masks are made with clays, extracts, and juices. Once you add water to them, a paste with form and you can then apply. Clay masks are nice because they are 100% pure. There are no preservatives and you are getting the benefits of all the extracts and juices we add. They are quite the treat! I decided to do a post for each mask that we have so you can really figure out with one would be best for your skin type. We started with Nourish. This mask is excellent for all skin types so anyone who just needs a little somethen somethen for their skin will really enjoy this one! Here is why:
Pink Kaolin Clay- This clay has a unique balance of white and red clay making suitable for normal skin types. It helps stimulate circulation while gently exfoliating.
Organic Pineapple Juice (Yum)- This delicious juice provides the skin with a ton of Vitamin C. Pineapples also contain Bromelaine, an enzyme that sloughs away dead skin cells and is also an excellent anti-inflammatory.
Guava Fruit Extract- Rich in Vitamins A, B, and C and helps prevent oxidation of cells
Green Tea Extract- Green tea is super high in antioxidants and helps repair the signs of aging and environmental factors.
Sea Buckthorn- This lovely botanical is a natural bactericide, anti-oxidant and is also used to improve cell metabolism and works as a free radical scavenger to delay dermal aging.
Coconut Milk- Once you add your water or hydrosol to the mask this yummy milk transforms the mask into a creamy paste. Coconut milk is known for it soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also adds incredible moisture to thirsty skin.
This mask is gentle enough to use up to twice a week. Leave mask on until dry and then rinse off with warm water. Follow up with Pure, our organic coconut oil that is blended with vanilla for a light, sweet scent.
We are so excited to finally have these available so we are giving you a special little deal! Yayy!! Use code "nourishmask" and get 25% off ANDDD a free fan brush to make applying easy!! This special deal will end next Wednesday (Nov. 18th) so get it while ya can!!
Also, don't forget we are still looking for a few bloggers to sponsor our brand! We support bloggers by providing them with our products to use in sponsored posts on their blog, share it on social media, and credit products back to our website. If you are interested we would just need the following sent to info@thesoapmarket.com:
We are super excited to hear from you! 
Have a lovely day everyone!!


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