Butter Cream Mineral Lip Tint

$ 3.50
This nourishing mineral lip tint is silky smooth and glides across your lips! It has -just enough tint in it to give your lips a touch of color, not to little or to much. This is a more glossy lip tint, it leaves just a bit of shimmery gold color. It's made with moisturizing and soothing unrefined shea and mango butter. We also added cupuacu butter because of it's superior moisturizing properties and it has a lovely emolliency that will restore elasticity and softness to skin and aloe butter for it's healing properties! Our mineral lip tints also contain JUST A HINT of flavor oil, so everytime you apply it your lips, they will have a slight sweet taste.Your lips will look great, feel great AND taste great!
This all natural mineral lip tint comes in a shrink wrapped .15 oval tube.