Coconut Mineral Lip Tint

$ 6.50
This nourishing mineral lip tint is silky smooth and glides across your lips! It has a creamy super sheer white gloss tint! Great to use for a bit of color by it's self or as a glossy sheer color tint over another color. It's made with moisturizing and soothing unrefined shea and mango butter. We also added cupuacu butter because of it's superior moisturizing properties and it has a lovely emolliency that will restore elasticity and softness to skin and aloe butter for it's healing properties! Our mineral lip tints also contain JUST A HINT of flavor oil, so everytime you apply it your lips, they will have a slight sweet taste.Your lips will look great, feel great AND taste great!
This all natural mineral lip tint comes in a .15 oval tube.